Hardware Recycling And Disposal Services

Peace of Mind and End‐of‐Life Computer Equipment Recovery

Identity theft, standards compliance, and environmental liability. While every company strives to be environmentally conscious, these concerns weigh heavily on today’s businesses. From personal financial information to highly confidential health records, the information on your business servers, desktops, and laptops includes sensitive and proprietary data that must never fall into the wrong hands.

Protect Your Data and Properly Dispose of Old Hardware

CTS’s Hardware Recycling and Disposal Services can help you recover, recycle, and dispose of your existing computer equipment in a secure and environmentally conscious manner that complies with local regulatory guidelines. We will also help you protect sensitive data by removing tags and labels from the equipment, overwriting readable hard drives, and shredding inoperable disks. CTS’s proven track record for safely and securely recycling excess equipment will protect your company, as well as the customers and clients they serve.