Managed Support

CTS Managed Support Services are designed to establish a single point of accountability and simplify the structure of multi-vendor hardware and software systems.

Benefits of Choosing CTS’s Managed Support Services

When it comes to IT design and support, you need a reliable provider who is capable of managing multiple support contracts and differing service levels. Too frequently, companies leave complex problems up to one person, making him or her responsible for shouldering the burden of diagnosing problems, coordinating communication between various vendors, and reaching timely, effective, and cost‐saving solutions. Fortunately, with CTS, there’s a better way.

You can count on our proven track record for managing complex, multi-vendor IT environments and creating innovative maintenance solutions to provide unique insights toward resolving your organization’s specific challenges. What’s more, CTS Managed Support uses an integrated, automated service delivery model to reduce downtime and streamline problem identification and resolution throughout your environment. This proven technique also us to collaborate with you and help you identify long‐term opportunities for reducing outages in your environment. Using a simplified contract structure, we can also help you meet service level expectations and will serve as a trusted consultant to help you maximize the efficiency and value of your IT systems.