PCI Compliance Services

The PCI Data Security Standard has been mandated by all major credit card companies, and is intended to protect consumer cardholder data. To achieve PCI DSS compliance, all members, merchants, and service providers must adhere to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, which offers a single approach to safeguarding sensitive data for all card brands. Failure to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard may cause your processing privileges to be revoked. CTS’s Check Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance option will protect your company and ensure that your processes and software meet the existing PCI DSS compliance standards.


Unfortunately, companies now face increased scrutiny regarding PCI DSS compliance. Fines and penalties have increased dramatically for non‐compliance. According to VISA, 42% of large and medium‐sized US merchants have at times not reached their respective PCI DSS compliance deadlines. For many companies, this is the result of relying on manual assessment methods for PCI DSS audits requiring significant IT resources. In addition, manually checking systems against PCI DSS requirements is time consuming can result in multiple errors. However, CTS can assist you with this process and ensure that you company meets all PCI DSS standards on time and without error.

CTS can help your business avoid fines and business constraints:

Our PCI Certification engagement focuses on the assessment, remediation, and certification of our client’s information and network securities. CTS’s collaborative approach will align your organization’s individual business units with your existing and anticipated technology needs according to the PCI Security Audit and Reporting Procedures. The following four‐phase process outlines the key activities, deliverables, and milestones we implement in order to ensure each organization’s PCI DSS compliance and certification:

Phase 1: PCI Assessment

Phase 2: PCI DSS Gap Analysis

Phase 3: PCI DSS Remediation, Consultation & Implementation

Phase 4: PCI DSS Assessment and Reporting

Additional Services:

PCI DSS Resource Documents