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Cal Tech Service’s History

12 Years In Business-2010 Throughout North America

Cal Tech Services Inc

Is a Multi Service Provider

Excellence. Driven. Progressive

Cal Tech Services Inc- offers the products and services companies throughout North America need to reach full potential. Whether you need an on-demand workforce or information technology services, we can help you keep your company competitive in today’s market. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get a step ahead of the competition!


Cal Tech Services is your source for all of your workforce solutions. Whether you need us to help you find and manage a team of freelancers, manage contract work with the latest tools, help you pay contractors instantly by various forms and methods or provide support on any level, you will get the results you need right when you need them.

At Cal Tech Services, we understand that running your business is a full-time job. You don’t need to waste time worrying about maintaining a team of freelancers or independent contractors or spend time worrying about payroll or various reports. We have the skill and know-how to help you keep your business running smoothly and efficiently with up-to-date tools and the best team of contractors around.

What Can We Do For You?

  • We can help you find the right contractor with the right skills for your job opening.
  • We handle the background checks and verify identity, skills, qualifications and credentials to ensure you get a contractor that meets your needs and requirements.
  • We maintain talent pools so we can keep track of your team of freelancers. You can depend on us to keep track of all the workers you use and manage in our system, so we can keep an organized list of them and the assignments they have completed. With this approach, you can get those last minute tasks completed quickly by forwarding them to the best contractors for that particular task.
  • We can help you manage all of your contractors with customized workflows and bulk tools. Here at Cal Tech Services, we understand that phone calls, emails and spreadsheets can take away from your work duties. When you let us handle those duties, you don’t have to worry about tracking all of your team members all across various assignments. We take over where Excel leaves you stranded. You can count on us to provide customized solutions that allow your workflow to be easily tracked through a single dashboard.
  • Through bulk management features, we help you deliver multiple assignments simultaneously while getting a greater insight into your management processes so you can see the areas that may need adjustments in order to improve the system.
  • Don’t worry about payroll for your contractors. We can handle that! Regardless of the payment method you select, we can help you make automatic, instant payments to all of your freelancers and contractors.
  • Contractors are rated two ways, by the client and by the marketplace. After an assignment is completed, companies rate contractors on several criteria. Cal Tech Services also rates them based on their client interactions and the marketplace. You can look over these ratings to see which contractors are the best fit for your company’s needs.
  • Around the clock support is available from Caltech Services. We have a support team that is available 7 days a week to correspond with you by chat or email or talk with you personally on the phone. We also offer tutorials, articles, blog posts and videos to help you master our platform.


Cal Tech Services is a full-service solution that enables you to find your freelancers as well as pay them, rate them, manage them and handle all aspects of verification. You don’t have to worry about wasting time on phone calls and sending emails, we handle all the work for you. Whether you bring your own contractors or find them in our marketplace, we can help you get the project completed on time.

We have different pricing plans, so we are definitely going to have a plan that suits your needs. Whether you opt to pay per transaction because you only use freelancers a few times each month or you need a subscription-based plan because contractors are a major asset to your business, we can help you get your operations on track and keep them moving smoothly.

Now is the time to get on board! Let us help you thrive in your field. With our help, you can focus more on taking care of your business while ensure your contract workforce is meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.