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When it comes to security, Access Control is an essential part on securing your workplace, whether that is a healthcare, a commercial facility or any infrastructure that have valuable assets.

There are quite a few types of Access Controls now in the market including Touchless Mobile Access. We at Cal Tech Services work with a variety of access control systems and can help you in securing your infrastructure with your next project of an installation of this kind.

Type of access control systems for different type facilities.

Keycard readers>

Key card readers are one of the most common types of access control. When a card is registered, access is granted. This type maintains a database of key card ID which can be updated or remove and can be monitored. This type can be swiped through the reader or can be in the form of RFID that only needs to hold to a close proximity of the reader.

Keypad readers>

Keypad readers feature a keypad where users manually enter a personal code or password in order to gain access. Similar to key cards, you can manage, update, add, remove, etc. access for individual passcodes, and track a history of when and where they are used.

Biometric readers>

Biometric readers are one of the several types of electronic access control. These readers use biographical data and information, like eye scans, fingerprints, palm scans, facial recognition, to identify and authorize access. This have reputation for being faster and more secure than other access control, and many times used in government facilities.

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