Digital Signage

Installation from a single screen to an entire video wall, our technicians will help you get your audience informed- and educated with latest trend-innovation in digital signage technology.

What is Digital Signage-what does it solve?

Digital Signage is an interconnection of few main electronics components-such as a media player, a contents management system(CMS) which can connect to the network to display business information as menus- even the weather or the stock market news. We at Cal Tech Services can help assess your needs, requirements and cost that would be the best solution for you before we can offer the product and installation.

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Here is What you can Expect from a Complete Digital Signage Solution


The Digital Signage hardware is composed of a media screen, which display your contents-features information and the media player, which connect to the network.

Content Managment

A content management system (CMS) allows you to design and manage the features you want to deliver to the audience on the screen. The Digital Signage network can be on a premises server or in the cloud.


When you buy your Digital Signage package, you are investing in a complete Digital Signage solution. Our experts-not just install your Digital Signage, but also can handle the configuration to your specific needs as well.

Getting the right Digital Signage Install

Many companies think that their digital signage installers can handle the challenge of a right installation. The installation of digital signage is not a straightforward process -as there are few types of digital signage installations. And there is plenty that can go wrong.

Design the Digital Signage Right From the Start.

Having a professional service to conduct a site survey help an organization to avoid a mistake with their digital signage initiatives


A site assessment can reveal if an organization has the proper network infrastructure to support the proposed digital signage solutions. This is an important consideration because-especially in complex installations-for example where an installation that pull data-applications from different sources. In addition-some sites may need new types of cabling or adjust the power capacity.

Physical Space Considerations:

A site assessment can also reveal the weight limits of walls before installers begin installing heavy, expensive screens, preventing potential disasters. Other smaller findings can also save an organizations significant time and unexpected issues. For example, without a site survey an organization may select equipment size that is not suitable to fit through its doorways. Or, managers may order for an array of screens without considering how much heat the hardware will give off in a such tight enclosure. A site assessment will ensure these issues are addressed before the design process even starts.

Solution Design:

Different digital signage solutions are not equal, they have different characteristics and aesthetics. It’s important for organizations to choose the tools that will help them achieve their goals. A professional service can be a huge valuable for organizations opting to design a flashy lobby installation — or even just looking to using a digital sign to advertise deals to passersby.


Making the installation right from the beginning is very important, especially for an array of multi panels that are intended to function as one big display. These displays should be seamless, and a small mistake can result in something that looks unprofessional or even unpleasant. Even minor details, such as coordinating the brightness and color of every screen, can be undesirable. You maybe have been in bar or club where they have multiple TVs that are showing the same pictures, but the colors look different. Now just imagine how obvious and displeasing this would be if this was an array of screens displaying a big picture-not good.

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