Cal Tech Services offers numerous services and we can help any business improve their operations. In addition, we offer the gamut of IT services. Whether you need something simple, such as getting a new printer and putting it online or installing a new computer system network, we can help you. You can count on us for larger projects, such as installing a server or setting up an office, Cabling Job, and maybe even building a new Data Center. We employ seasonal technicians and network engineers that will assist you on achieving your goal with your computer system infrastructure.

Our experienced team can help you select the right solutions for your business. Whether you are a small operation with a handful of employees or a large operation with hundreds of people on staff, we can help you come up with the right technology to serve your business well. 

IT Technical Support

Our Field Technicians and engineers are experienced in the sector of Information Technology and will assist your users on site or through a remote session to resolve, hardware and application issues quickly.

Server and Network Support

We can assist you in the procurement of your server’s hardware-including motherboards, power supplies, UPS setup or a fresh network installation-and will work with your IT department to complete the requirements.

Desktop Support

We have field Technicians that will work at the tier one level to resolve your desktop issues in an efficient and friendly manner.


Computers, network equipment, routers, switches, printers and supply, all computers’ accessories, all storage-hard drives-SSD, and external.

Managed IT Services

We provide assignment of network engineers that would provide comprehensive support-monitoring, and consulting in a simplified model

Digital Signage-Audio Visual

Complete install of digital signages. Our installation will captivate users experience with a full enclosed and weatherproof outdoor displays.

IT Migration Services

IT Migration can be intimidating for even the most seasonal IT personnel. And with business hour requirements and finding the right resource to do it- it becomes a challenge-not to mention unforeseeable dependencies and complexities. We at Cal Tech Services count with experienced Technicians that can procure your computer system migration on a streamlined process and with a minimal business’s down time.

IT Staff Augmentation

Cal Tech Services is your source for all your workforce solutions. Whether you need us to help you find and manage a team of freelancers, manage contract work with the latest tools, help you pay contractors instantly by various forms and methods or provide support on any level, you will get the results you need right when you need them.