VoiP For Unified Communication.

Empower your teams to collaborate and communicate with customers, partners, peers, and prospects from anywhere at any time and on any device.

Mobilize Your Business.

Empower your teams to collaborate and communicate with customers, partners, peers, and prospects from anywhere at any time and on any device. Cal Tech Services Inc provides cutting-edge VOIP phones and installation services to mobilize your business and experience unified communication seamlessly on-premises or cloud.

With our VOIP solutions, your business can enjoy the freedom, flexibility, speed, and security of unified communications on your own network.

Whether you want us to convert your landline/analog phone to digital for IP data network calling or you desire a completely new VOIP system installed on your premises, we can assist you with all your VOIP needs.

Expedite business projects, grow partnerships, and synchronize your teams with the best-in-class VOIP solutions.

Maximize Revenues And Grow Your Business With Our Robust VOIP Solutions.

At Cal Tech Services Inc, we strive to provide unprecedented value to our customers by offering top-of-the-line and profitable business solutions. And our VOIP solutions are no exception. Powered by innovation, our VOIP solutions are deployed with standard and advanced features to offer enterprise-level functionality and performance. Here’s how your business benefits:

At Cal Tech Services Inc, we design, build and integrate a high-performance data communication voice system built to exceed standards and expectations. Our level of service and quality of work is unparalleled.

Our Voip Features package includes the following:

  • Caller ID
  • Group chat
  • Voicemail
  • Text Message
  • Call-forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Video conference
  • Unlimited long distance

Remote Collaboration Across Multiple Devices

Give your staff a consistent and in-office experience from anywhere. Once deployed, our VOIP solutions allow your team to collaborate and communicate at any time through multiple devices, making sure that they are readily available for customers and team members when they need them most.

Extend their ability to engage in teamwork and extend excellent customer service beyond the walls of a cubicle or office.

Enjoy Massive And Ongoing Cost-Savings

Boost your profit margins by saving on capital, overhead, and operational cost associated with legacy and wired phone systems. A VoIP Phone system optimizes operations and monthly savings through wireless capabilities.

This is a one-time investment you can recover in the fastest time while maximizing returns and ongoing cost-savings by various means such as:

  • Reduced travel expenses
  • No more landline network issues
  • Increased business productivity
  • Increased client retention due to exceptional customer service experience

Scale As Your Business Grows

Meet the current and future communication requirements of your business with our feature-rich and scalable VOIP solutions. You can expand VOIP lines when you want and without:

  • Downtime to the system
  • Compromising data security
  • Incurring unnecessary service fees

We Partner With Cisco.

To deliver you the best VOIP solutions, we have partnered with Cisco. We use Cisco equipment to provide our clients with quality VOIP solutions. Cisco is an industry-leading manufacturer offering innovative IP phones to meet a range of business needs and employee communication styles.

For more information about our VOIP solutions or installation service, contact us today for a free estimate.